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Zumba Kids – Download Free Wii Game

Jump in and have a blast with Zumba Kids, the ultimate dance-fitness party that gets families moving together with fun, high-energy rhythms across 20 different dance styles!
-First video game based on the Zumba dance-fitness program designed specifically for Kids
-Encourages self-confidence and fitness, and enhances coordination
-Teaches you 20+ international dance styles across 30 easy-to-follow routines
-Party with up to 4 players; Move to hit music from Justin Bieber, Willow Smith and more!
As you can see “Medium Intensity” doesn’t get into very intricate footwork or arm movements. This is good in some ways—kids will just get frustrated trying to follow choreography that’s too complex. But I think it backfires in other ways. From an energy perspective, kids have so much of it to burn, so these routines might get boring for some of them. That said, if they string together a bunch of them, there’ll still be some decent cardio benefit.

As with the adult Zumba game, each time the system detects that you’ve hit a move perfectly it’ll award points and flash the word “Zumba” on the screen.

One thing I noticed is that the tracking was simply not very accurate. I danced these videos virtually perfectly, but as many times as I tried it the system would never award me more than 2 or 3 stars in most cases.
The dance moves in Zumba Kids are almost always safe for kids, and avoids sexualizing them. The attire choices in Zumba Kids are way better than anything we have seen in any Zumba home console game before. That is definitely appreciated.

A lot of games claim they are inclusive of different styles from all over the world. Zumba Kids is one of those home console games that can back up that claim. We go from Europe to Brazil, to Africa, and more. Zumba Kids is a Zumba Fitness World Party for kids.

The only item of concern parents may have about Zumba Kids is the bonus videos. There are certain videos with little attire on some of the people. Bonus videos do not need to be watched, so families can skip that part of Zumba Kids. These bonus videos also have to be unlocked by doing really well on the songs.

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