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FIFA 15 brings football to life in stunning detail so fans can experience the emotion of the sport like never before.
If you’re on goal and one-on-one with a keeper, it’s not uncommon to see him initially rush out from between the posts and attack, only to decide that it’s a bad idea and hightail it back to his line. Similarly, running out from the goal to punch or catch the ball from a corner results in lots of backtracking when a keeper realizes that either a friendly defender or opposition attacker is going to get to it first.

While these actions create a seemingly dynamic environment in which players act and interact with each other in absence of your direct input, they have little effect on the outcome of a match. There’s a slight improvement in a keeper’s ability to save long strikes, but they still tend to concede the same percentage of shots as last season; the overall impact on gameplay has been balanced in such a way so as not to disrupt the established difficulty of netting a goal.

That’s no bad thing, though. FIFA has done a good job over the last half decade of avoiding regular instances of scorelines that look as though they belong to basketball or American football. To change such a thing now would be to change the nature of an incredibly popular series. Having said that, it’s now somewhat easier to score the kind of goals that you’d expect to see in an end-of-season highlight reel. Goalkeepers might be that much better at stopping long shots, but truly outrageous efforts seem to find the twine more often than you’d reasonably expect.
EA’s mantra this year is ‘Feel The Game’, which is a marketer’s way of saying they’ve captured the emotional and dramatic side of the sport, along with all the kicking and running. This is tantamount to cutscenes showing players dropping to their knees at a missed chance, shouting at each other when mistakes are made, pushing opponents after a bad tackle, but it does breathe life into a series that has always felt a little robotic.

If all this adds character to proceedings, it’s the goalkeepers who provide the muscle. EA’s calling them ‘next-gen keepers’, which doesn’t really mean anything, but they’re noticeably better than they ever have been, That doesn’t just mean they’re harder to beat either – they also make more believable mistakes. It’s infinitely more gratifying to score five on-on-ones that see the goalkeeper react in different ways than it is to score the exact same goal five times, even if the end result is the same.


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