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Brunswick Pro Bowling – Download Free Wii Game

Brunswick Pro Bowling allows you to experience all the thrills and excitement of being a professional bowler with a simple, intuitive scheme and real ball and pin physics.

Play Career Mode to compete in tournaments and Rival Challenges where youll earn currency to purchase and upgrade Brunswick equipment and apparel including shoes, shirts, wrist guards, and over 40 real bowling balls!

Given the fact that it has been a few years since we saw Wii Sports’ version of bowling, I’d expect there to be some advancement in terms of the feel of the bowling controls, especially when you factor in the impressive performance of PlayStation Move on other titles. Sadly that’s not the case. One of the best things about Move is the fact that it picks up on finite wrist movements and changes in angle, yet none of that comes through in Brunswick Pro Bowling. You have to do wildly exaggerated bowling motions to get spin in either direction and the speed of your ball (theoretically tied to the speed of your arm and the point that you release the ball) doesn’t react very accurately no matter how quickly you swing your arm.

You aren’t forced to use Move, though. If you want, you can always plug in your DualShock 3 or Six Axis and perform the same bowling motion. That’s right, you don’t use the analog sticks in any way. Instead you have to press the down directional to start your approach, swing the controller in the typical motion and release the directional once you reach the proper point. I seemed to get better speed on all my shots with this method and spin was determined by the slant of the controller, but the fidelity (which isn’t impressive with Move) suffers. I also found serious annoyances (and this applied to Move as well) with the aiming reticule used in-game. Sometimes I’d try to ride the ridge between the lane and the gutter, and my aiming arrow straddled the edge properly, but my bowler would still chuck it into the gutter. It was an annoyance that popped up on more than one occasion.

Purchase Power-Up Balls to give yourself an advantage, including the Bomb Ball for an automatic strike and the Splitter used to pick up those impossible splits!
Complete over 200 Career Achievements for hours of gameplay and even bigger rewards!

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